• Practicing Through Injury

    My forward fold resembles chair pose these days. Injuries used to become my story, e.g. “ I can’t do that because of this, etc.” Now, after 15 years of practice, two pregnancies and minor injuries during this time, I’ve managed to practice without becoming a victim to these injuries. I now understand that all experiences…

  • Tame That Bitch

    You know, the one that lives in my head — and maybe yours, too.
    I get to Starbucks for my morning Americano and sigh while waiting in line. Why is everyone else up so early? My drive to work is filled with complaints about all the construction I have to deal with and the crazy drivers on the…

  • Entry – 9 – Tears in Heaven

    2:39 was a significant number in our home. It was my mom’s best time when she won the NY City Marathon. As I spent those days as my mom’s care giver, there were choices I needed to make about work. I had several events lined up back to back and was contemplating if I should…

  • your meditation practice: a beginning

    What is meditation and why should I practice it?

    Meditation is a simple yet powerful tool to release stress, cultivate peace, and is ultimately a journey inward to discover who you really are. Many of us associate ourselves with the roles we play each day (parent, child, partner, supervisor, employee, etc.) but we are much more…

  • Roasted Kabocha, Purple Cauliflower & Cherry Tomatoes

    I love reading cookbooks, especially on a Sunday while leisurely flipping through beautiful images of food and sipping on my second americano. This recipe was inspired by “Plenty More”, a vegetarian cookbook, I’ve been reading like a novel. My mom used to make kabocha regularly but would steam it with some water, brown sugar and…

  • Chickpea Kale Masala

    I’m in love with kale and am always looking for new ways to use it. Here is a recipe inspired by an Ayurvedic cook book, “Eat. Taste. Heal” using garam masala. I grew up watching my baba (grandmother in Japanese) work in the kitchen. She was a chef and never measured anything. When my mom…