blog1I am very excited to have my website up and running and starting my first blog post!  For starters, I will have two blog sections, “the practice” and “tabemono.”
The practice blog will cover a wide range of yoga and yoga-related topics including discussions regarding recent classes, inspirational quotes, yoga practice pointers and exploring ways we can lead a more conscious life.  I do not profess to have all the answers but like to ask questions and explore ideas. For example, how can I become more present as a parent, partner, teacher, student, daughter and friend?  Is there a struggle to find a balance between work and play?  What are the off-the-mat lessons we try to learn when we balance in airplane pose?

Tabemono, meaning things you can eat, will be all about one of my other passions, food.   You will see some recipes with Asian influences since I am half Japanese and grew up in Los Angeles and lived for a few years in Hawaii, both cultural melting pots.  You will also likely see some discussion regarding ideas or viewpoints about what, how and when we eat.

I hope you enjoy the first recipe blog!

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