July 10-17, 2022

A retreat is an opportunity to unplug from your daily life and responsibilities to rediscover your Self beyond your selfie and what you truly desire. Going on a retreat creates the conditions for you to interrupt unconscious patterns of behaviour and make changes that are aligned with your values. It's an incredible opportunity to reflect, reset and recharge.

You will enjoy long walks through the sand dunes and on the beach and nourishing local farm to table meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner with options for all preferences...don't plan on losing weight). I've been greeted by the deer wandering the resort and have seen dolphins and whales in the water. You will have free time to swim, surf, read and watch the hot surfers.


Asilomar Conference Grounds is located on the Monterey Peninsula in Pacific Grove, California and is nestled between two very charming beach towns, Monterey and Carmel. 

My intention is to host this retreat annually. The content will shift each year and this first one will be focused on the Purusharthas. We will explore one of the Purusharthas each day, deep diving into the philosophy and practice of dharma (purpose), artha (means in which we live our purpose), kama (the joy of community) and moksha (freedom). 

60 hours can be applied to Continued Education Credits and my 300hr Yoga Leadership Teacher Training through Yoga Alliance.


About Asilomar
derived from Spanish asilo al mar meaning refuge by the sea

Asilomar Conference Grounds is located on the Western tip of the Monterey Peninsula. It was designed and built by architect Julia Morgan between 1913-1929 and was originally a YWCA.

I have been visiting Asilomar with the Chopra Center and mindfulon for over 10 years. It is one of my favorite retreat centers because of the history, nature, walking trails, and beach. It's been the venue of so many spiritual teachers like Wayne Dyer (he filmed the Shift here), Deepak Chopra and Adyashanti. 

There are no phones or TV's but there's wifi.

Yoga Child's Pose

Sample Daily Schedule

6-8am asana & meditation

8-10am silent breakfast

10am-12pm session

12-2pm lunch

2-4pm session

4-6pm asana & meditation

6pm dinner

some evening satsangs

Travel Days

Check-in Sunday, July 10 at 4pm.

Retreat begins at 4:30pm on the mat.

Dinner will be served that evening.

Check-out Sunday, July 17 at 11am.

Retreat ends that morning. Breakfast & lunch will be served that day.



Single Room $3,300
Double Room $2,600 per person
All amounts in USD; includes hotel room and meals; you will be responsible for flights and transportation to and from Asilomar


100% of the retreat cost due upon confirmation of registration. Once paid, none of the fees shall be refundable unless the country that you will be travelling from has a border closure or entry or exit bans due to Covid.


I am accepting check, e-transfer or wire transfer.