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Coaching Package

Coaching Package

"A good coach can change a game. A great coach can change a life." - John Wooden


We all could use support in getting clear on what is it we truly desire and designing a life that's in alignment with our purpose and values. A coach can be your greatest cheerleader, provide you with straight talk without judgment and hold you accountable for designing that life. Having a coach can support you in all aspects of your life including career, relationships, health and spirituality. As an accredited coach with the International Coaching Federation (ICF), I integrate the fundamental principles of co-active coaching: being (who you are being in the process) and doing (getting into action). 


Package includes 6, one hour sessions online.


Contact me to schedule a 30-minute complimentary discovery call.


  • Payment

    I accept check, e-transfer, wire transfer and credit cards.There is a 3.5% fee for US credit cards and a 4.5% for international cards. E-mail me to register.

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