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Burnout. Disconnection. Mental health issues. Lack of exercise. We literally have never been busier - and more in need of the time to take care of ourselves. On the other hand, practices like yoga and meditation have helped people for thousands of years.

Marrying real life and wellbeing practices in a meaningful and sustainable way was the sole aim of DMW. That's why you'll find a range of offerings, from just a few minutes a day to week long immersive retreats and teacher trainings. Because there's no one size fits all solution. And we believe everyone deserves to live a purposeful, joyful life.



Danielle's practice.

Danielle has held many roles in her adult life including Broadway musical performer, wedding singer, waitress, yoga teacher, and Director of a global wellbeing company. 


She was drawn to yoga and meditation through her personal need for balance, clarity, and self discovery although she didn't know that at the time. But meditating for seven hours a day was never going to be realistic, so from the very beginning, while learning the classic teachings of yoga, meditation and Ayurveda, she also explored ways of building a modern, sustainable practice.


Today, as a busy working mom of two girls, Danielle still experiences the need to incorporate a wellbeing practice into a hectic life. To create it. To adapt it. And even to renew it. Because, life!


Danielle’s leadership. 

For the past 20 years Danielle has worked with business leaders, elite athletes, intact teams, individuals, yogis and people who are completely new to wellbeing. 

Danielle currently works for Vancity, a financial institution, as their Director, Leadership Development & Organizational Wellness. She leads a team of change makers designing, developing and delivering Leadership Development and Talent Management initiatives to their employees. She previously worked as the Director of Mindfulness, Learning and Leadership at lululemon implementing global wellbeing programs designed specifically for busy employees, ambassadors and guests.

Danielle has also taught alongside Deepak Chopra at the Chopra Centre for 14 years, leading yoga, meditation and talks on mindfulness.


Danielle is known for her unique take on wellbeing: she acknowledges the reality of life and human nature, laughs at its absurdities with you, and supports you in going further than you have before. 



Artist | Coach | Yoga Teacher

"Working with Danielle is an absolute gift. It feels like going to the chiropractor and being realigned to spirit/God every session. I leave clear, inspired, connected and focused on what matters most. She is playful, yet direct - her questions cut through to the truth quickly. 

The Realign (journey to wellbeing program) inspired me to begin a committed home yoga practice (something I always wanted but couldn't figure out how to do) - I am in the best shape of my life. I now have rituals for self-care and truly feel so "well". As a coach, she adapted the program and met me where I was - always giving homework and challenges that spoke to me as an artist and that led to major breakthroughs."

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